We offer our credit expertise with a dual objective :

  • Overall care aimed at optimising the financing structure in the tax and financial sphere
  • Diligent research into your file (feasibility study and a loan agreement, if necessary : rapid availability of the loaned funds.)

Our lending range includes :

  • Financing of your cash flow needs
  • The financing of your real estate projects (purchase of your primary residence, secondary residences, investment property, financing of works, financing of real estate LBOs, etc.)
  • Refinancing of existing debts
  • Refinancing of partners' current accounts
  • The monetisation of your property assets with a view to diversifying your sources of revenue and enabling you to underwrite financial assets
  • The issuance of banking guarantees - especially liability guarantees during the transfer of your company.

Our loans shall be backed by personal property collateral or a mix of personal property and real property collateral, and the repayment may be arranged in an amortising or term-loan mode (i.e. a settlement of interest during the financing, the principal being repaid in a lump sum upon expiration of the financing), based on a fixed rate or variable 3-month EURIBOR rate + margin.

A loan is binding and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing to it.